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5 ways to Irritate your Online English Tutor

Teaching is rewarding but it is not easy. As there are ups and downs to every job, in online teaching you can often encounter some situations which send you reeling!

Here are some classic ways to irritate your online teacher:

1. Drinking alcohol in the lesson. When students decide to bring a bottle to accompany them in the lesson it can cause the tutor to wonder whether this is an English conversation lesson or a drink up! I think most will agree that this is highly impolite and inappropriate! It’s true that you can become thirsty in the lesson but I think a glass of water, juice or tea is sufficient!

2. Arriving late for the lesson and making no attempt to mention it. I know that circumstances may arise that may mean you cannot make it to the lesson on time but I think the most polite thing to do is to offer a simple apology or explanation. When you dive right in without even a mention, it makes the teacher feel that their time is not valued or maybe they had mistaken the lesson time!

3. Acting bored or yawning in the lesson. Having an English conversation lesson first thing in the morning or the last thing at night can obviously make you tired. But please bear in mind that the teacher has probably been teaching 12 or more classes in a row, as enthusiastically as they can. Chances are, they are far more tired than you but will not mention it for fear of negative feedback! It is never polite to download your negative feelings on someone who you barely know.

4. Refusing or ignoring correction. Many students claim they want explicit correction for their pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary but few can actually take it! When students question their teacher’s ability to correct them by perhaps not taking on their comments, it causes the teacher to limit their advice to the student. They may draw back and not mention your mistakes, causing them to let you carry on incorrectly. I don’t think any student would want that!

5. Complaining about other online teachers. It is true that not all teachers are the same, some may be more experienced than others but it is generally bad taste to criticize other online teachers who actually may have similar faults to the teacher you are speaking to.

All in all, concentrate on getting the best out of your English language classes.

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